Contractor VIP

Whatever happens in the business world over the next few years one thing is certain: The UK will need a flexible workforce. This flexibility will be required at all levels of industry and across all sectors. Professionals and blue collar workers, from IT programmers to pickers and packagers, companies are likely to succeed or fail on the strength of the talents that are available to them. Given this it is highly likely that contractors will find they have maximum choice in where they work, how they work and for whom they work. The candidate’s market is already upon us, so thequestion is, how do recruiters ensure they get the best talent every time for their clients? A crucial part of the answer lies in reward. If workers are in demand they will want to feel the benefit of their work sooner rather than later. They will want to be able to access their pay, they will want to be able to see exactly how and when they are being paid and for what. If their working lives are flexible, they may also be complicated – structuring work around family and other commitments isn’t always easy. Therefore making their remuneration simple and fast is a hugely attractive proposition. App Paye’s James Slate knows the demands of contractors very well. Indeed, in creating the App Paye solution he’s ensured that contractor requirements are at the heart of the offering. A mobile based solution, it only take ten minutes to register and set up a new user, giving them complete access to their pay and financial information from the start. Signing on through their phone means contractors get complete transparency wherever they are: they can see their remittance, where deductions are made and how much money they can access right now.

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